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THE NEVA PROJECT: The four sites


Our investigations center on four sites along the Neva River. For each, we have developed a series of explorations or essays about the relationship between the river and the people who live along it. The four sites we have chosen for their combination of ecological and cultural interest are:

1. The Admiralty Embankment on the left bank of the Bol'shaya Neva, particularly the site of the famous statue known as

The Bronze Horseman


2. The first park in St. Petersburg, founded by Peter the Great across the river from his fortress,

The Summer Garden

3. The mouth of the Izhora River, at the town of




4. The origin of the Neva on the southwestern shore of Lake Ladoga, at the town of


Shlisselburg/ Fort Oreshek


In addition, there are a number of over-arching topics that look at the general relationship between

The River and the City